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Hi everyone. I am a mom of 3 beautiful little girls. I have an 8 year old, 3 year old, and a 6 month old. I know as moms, it can be so hard getting our bodies back into shape while taking care of our family’s needs. Here are some apps that I have found that are great for busy mom’s on the go.

Now I know a lot of you are asking, where can I find the best and easiest workout apps that I can download? Well, I have the 4 best apps that I have found that works great for beginners and so easy to use and track your progress. Did I mention they are all Free!!

  1. My fitness pal- This app has been out for a while now but I just absolutely love it. Once you sign up they ask you to fill out your weight, height, how many days you want to work out, and how much you want to lose. Then they do this calculation and will give a suggested fitness and Nutrition goal. This is where it get really cool. If you follow the plan it pre-determines how much you will lose on an exact date. How cool is that?!! Plus the app let you add friends so that you won’t be alone in this weight loss journey. Go check it out

2. J & J official 7 minute woorkout- This app is great for on the go moms who don’t have a lot time in their hands. All you need are 7 minutes out the day.  This app is filled with great easy to follow workouts that really burn fat and helps you reach your goal one step at a time. http://Check out “J&J Official 7 Minute Workout”

3. 30 day fitness challenge- This app is filled with so many different workouts, with easy to follow videos. They set up a  30 day full body workout so you get to workout every muscle. They have challenges you can be a part of, and once you complete each day you can post your completed workouts on social media. Brag a little to your friends on how great you’ll look for the summer.

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4. Fit bit- This is my absolute favorite.  For this app you will need to have a fit bit device. I personally have the Fit bit charge 3 but they have so many to choose from and are inexpensive.  This app not only tracks your steps but it also tracks all your workouts. It shows you how many hours you have been active and you can also send yourself reminders to move throughout the day.  What I love most is that it tracks your sleeping habits.  It shows how many hours you slept, when were you in deep  sleep, and how many times you were restless. Your friends with their fitbit can also join you and set up step challenges too. This app is just filled with so many great features and I highly recommend it. click here 

Thanks for checking out my blog and I really hope you can reach your fitness goals this year. I’m rooting for you, and can’t wait till your friend’s mouths open when they see your transformation. 

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